PPE/PPI Support for Centre Members

The Centre is committed to supporting its members to take part in a range of patient and public engagement and involvement activities, to promote their own research and develop their science communication skills. 

The following support is available to Centre members.

Centre members are welcome to suggest idea, activities and events – please get in touch!



Centre Resources

The centre has a range of resources, including posters, banners and tablet computers, available for use by members in public engagement activities - please get in touch with the Centre’s Scientific Manager if you would like to use any of these. 

We have also been developing activities on the following topics that may be useful:

  • Biostatistics
  • Exposomics
  • Air Pollution
  • Greenspace
  • Noise
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Waste (microplastics and bioaerosols)
  • Lung function

If you have ideas for an activity that could be developed for use at events, please get in touch.

Small PE Grants Scheme

In order to support smaller scale individual activities, the Centre is pleased to offer a PPE/PPI Small Grants Scheme, awarding funds of up to £250. The small grants are designed to enable Centre researchers to take part in public engagement and patient involvement activities that would not otherwise be supported.

The scheme is initially being run as a pilot until 31 March 2018.


  • To remove one of the barriers that may prevent people from taking part in PPE/PPI activities i.e. resources.
  • To encourage Centre members to build up their experience and skills in science communication, which will be of benefit to their own development, as well as future Centre-wide activities.
  • To raise the profile of the Centre and its research.

Examples of costs that might be requested include:

  • Travel and subsistence to participate in an event or attend training e.g. train fares and accommodation.
  • Printing of leaflets, posters, banners and promotional material
  • Purchase of consumables and equipment to run activities
  • Catering and room hire for events e.g. tea and coffee for a focus group.

Activities should ideally present science of specific relevance to the Centre’s research themes, but those that more broadly address the area of environment and health will also be considered. Applications which contribute to the personal and professional development of the applicant are particularly encouraged.

Funds should not be used to duplicate resources that already exist within the Centre (see Resources section), or to support conference travel.


All members of the Centre are eligible to apply. This includes Investigators and Senior Investigators, postdoctoral researchers and fellows, PhD students and other research/support staff. Postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and other non-academic staff must work in the research group of a Centre Investigator or Senior Investigator, as listed here.

How to apply

Complete the application form and submit by email to the Scientific Manager, Eduardo Seleiro (e.seleiro@imperial.ac.uk), using the subject header “PPE/PPI Small Grant Application”.

There is no deadline for the scheme, applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. You should allow up to two weeks for a decision to be made, so applications should be timed accordingly. Retrospective applications i.e. for events/activities that have already occurred, will not be accepted.

Assessment Process

The assessment process is light-touch. Applications will be reviewed by the Centre PPE/PPI Coordinators, Dr Ian Mudway and Dr Mireille Toledano, and the Centre Scientific Manager, Dr Eduardo Seleiro. They will be judged on the scientific relevance to the Centre and the personal/professional development for the applicant.

Conditions of Award

Due to the relatively small amounts of money involved, payment will be made through the Imperial College expense claim process or via direct purchasing through the Centre.

Where possible, grantholders should acknowledge the Centre e.g. inclusion of Centre name and/or logo in printed material and promotional material.

Grantholders should provide a short report on the event (e.g. 1-2 paragraphs), and where possible some photographs; these should be submitted to the Scientific Manager within two weeks of the date of the event/activity. This will be used in Centre reporting, in the newsletter and on the Centre website.

Any successful activities or resources developed should be shared with others in the Centre for possible use at other events.

Larger events

The Centre takes part in several large-scale, Centre-wide public engagement activities such as Imperial Festival in May, and the MRC Festival of Medical Research each June. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with the Centre Manager. We are always looking for:

  • Suggestions for new research and activities to present
  • Venues and target audiences
  • Volunteers to help on the day

If you have suggestions for other events that you would like to see the Centre take part in, please get in touch with the Centre Manager, or the PPE/PPI Coordinators Ian Mudway and Mireille Toledano.


A large range of free courses are available to Centre members:

  • Imperial College and King’s College provide a range of training opportunities for staff and students in science communication skills and PPE/PPI.
  • As part of preparations for its Festival of Medical Research, MRC organise free public engagement training sessions for Centre members each year.
  • Science Media Centre “Introduction to the News Media” course
  • Sense About Science Voice of Young Science “Standing up for Science” media workshops