Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the senior management and decision-making forum of the Centre, and meets approximately monthly. The Committee membership encompasses the research themes and platforms, and includes representatives of the Investigators, the Training Programme, and the Researchers' Society.



  • Paul Elliott - Centre Director, Theme Lead: Small Area Studies of Environment and Health
  • Frank Kelly - Deputy Director, Theme Lead: Air Pollution, Noise and Health,
  • Debbie Jarvis - Theme Lead: Cohort studies
  • Majid Ezzati - Theme Lead: Risk Assessment and Policy Evaluation
  • Elaine Holmes - Theme Lead: Systems Toxicology
  • Paolo Vineis - Theme Lead: Exposomics and Health
  • Marta Blangiardo - Theme Lead: Biostatistics
  • Fred Piel - Training Programme Lead
  • Ian Mudway - PPE/PPI Coordinator
  • Stephanie Wright and Anna Freni-Sterrantino - Researchers’ Society Co-chairs
  • Elizabeth Hayes - Centre Scientific Manager


Terms of Reference

  • To establish formal collaborative relationships with the funding bodies (MRC, PHE) and other national and international agencies in the field of environment and health.
  • To establish an International Advisory Board to oversee the research and training strategies; and for the steering committee to facilitate development of the training programme.
  • To oversee development of the Centre's research programme, which will be developed collaboratively with scientific experts from academia and government bodies appointed to the International Advisory Board.
  • To coordinate recruitment of high quality candidates to the academic, post-doctoral and support positions, and to the PhD studentships funded by the Centre and partner institutions.
  • To promote collaborations with other research centres and institutes, and to stimulate research collaboration and multi-disciplinary working across the Centre's research groups.
  • To develop an effective communications policy for the regular dissemination of information on Centre activities to all staff and students within the Centre.
  • To liaise with the Investigators to support coordinated responses to project and programme grant funding opportunities in order to develop the Centre's research themes.
  • To develop a robust programme for training of the next generation of environmental health scientists, through MSc and PhD programmes, and purpose-designed short courses.
  • To support the Director in preparing reports and data for the funding bodies and to monitor progress toward achieving planned outputs during the programme.
  • To promote scientific visibility of the Centre through substantive publications, presentations at international conferences, hosting international scientific meetings, and a seminar series.