Researchers' Society Committee

Researchers Society Committee (RSC)



Anna Freni Sterrantino - Research Associate, Imperial College

Stephanie Wright - Research Associate, King's College


Committee members:

Liz Hayes - Scientific Manager, Imperial College

Fred Piel - Lecturer, Imperial College & Training Programme Coordinator, MRC-PHE Centre

Tom Bond, Research Assistant, Imperial College

Mary Brian - PhD Student, National Heart & Lung Institute

Nuria Camina Garcia, PhD Student, King's College

Sara De Matteis - Lecturer, National Heart & Lung Institute

Pippa Douglas - Research Associate, Imperial College 

Ros Dove - Research Associate, King's College

Ekaterina Maslova - Teaching Fellow, Imperial College

Michael Mireku - Research Associate, Imperial College

Tzer-Ren Ho - PhD Student, King's College

Ian Jarvis - Research Associate, King's College

Kirsty Meldrum, PhD Student, Imperial College

Ian Mudway - ­Lecturer, King’s College

Eleonora Nicolosi - PhD Student, King's College

Ana Oliete - Research Technician, King's College 

James Smith - PhD Student, King's College

Rachel Smith - Research Associate, Imperial College

Hanbin Zhang - PhD Student, King's College



January 2015- December 2016


Nuria Camina Garcia -  PhD Student, King's College

Pippa Douglas - Research Associate, Imperial College


Established Annual Christmas Gala & R Workshops


March 2012-December 2014


Becky Ghosh, Research Associate, Imperial College

Rachel Smith, Research Associate, Imperial College


Setting up a series of Masterclasses covering a range of topics including basic genetics, project management and toxicology.

Organizing regular social events such as the summer event with invited speaker Marty Jopson.


2011 –December 2014:

Founding Chair:

Cristina Canova, Imperial College