Researchers' Society Committee


The organisation of the Researchers' Society is conducted by the Researchers' Society Committee. Membership of the Committee is open to all members who attend Committee meetings and show an active interest in the running of the society. The Committee has three key officers, the Co-­chairs and the treasurer. The Researchers Society has a representative on the Centre’s Executive Committee, as a full member, thereby ensuring that the needs of the Centre's researchers can be presented to the key decision makers.

RS Committee Membership


  • Aina Roca Barcelo – PhD student, Imperial College

  • Annalisa Sheehan – PhD student, King’s College

Committee members:

  • Joseph Levermore – PhD student, King’s College (Social Secretary)

  • Raha Pazoki –  MRC Rutherford Fund Fellow, Imperial College

  • Ricky Nathvani – Research Associate, Imperial College

  • Emily Muller – PhD student, Imperial College

  • Stefan Gillott  – PhD student, King’s College

  • Fred Piel – Senior Lecturer in Spatial Epidemiology, Imperial College (MRC Training Programme Coordinator)

  • Eduardo Seleiro – Scientific Manager MRC Centre, Imperial College

Past Chairs

Co-Chairs January 2017- June 2019

  • Anna Freni Sterrantino - Research Associate, Imperial College

  • Stephanie Wright - MRC Centre Postdoctoral Fellow, King’s College

Co-Chairs January 2015- December 2016

  • Nuria Camina Garcia -  PhD Student, King's College

  • Pippa Douglas - Research Associate, Imperial College

Co-Chairs March 2012-December 2014

  • Becky Ghosh - Research Associate, Imperial College

  • Rachel Smith - Research Associate, Imperial College

Founding Chair 2011 

  • Cristina Canova - Research Associate, Imperial College