Meta-analysis identifies multiple loci associated with kidney function-related traits in east Asian populations.

TitleMeta-analysis identifies multiple loci associated with kidney function-related traits in east Asian populations.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsOkada Y, Sim X, Go M J, Wu J-Y, Gu D, Takeuchi F, Takahashi A, Maeda S, Tsunoda T, Chen P, Lim S-C, Wong T-Y, Liu J, Young TL, Aung T, Seielstad M, Teo Y-Y, Kim Y J, Lee J-Y, Han B-G, Kang D, Chen C-H, Tsai F-J, Chang L-C, Fann CS-J, Mei H, Rao DC, Hixson JE, Chen S, Katsuya T, Isono M, Ogihara T, Chambers JC, Zhang W, Kooner JS, Albrecht E, Yamamoto K, Kubo M, Nakamura Y, Kamatani N, Kato N, He J, Chen Y-T, Cho Y S, Tai E-S, Tanaka T
Corporate AuthorsKidneyGen consortium, CKDGen consortium, GUGC consortium
JournalNat Genet
Date Published2012 Aug

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), impairment of kidney function, is a serious public health problem, and the assessment of genetic factors influencing kidney function has substantial clinical relevance. Here, we report a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for kidney function-related traits, including 71,149 east Asian individuals from 18 studies in 11 population-, hospital- or family-based cohorts, conducted as part of the Asian Genetic Epidemiology Network (AGEN). Our meta-analysis identified 17 loci newly associated with kidney function-related traits, including the concentrations of blood urea nitrogen, uric acid and serum creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate based on serum creatinine levels (eGFRcrea) (P < 5.0 × 10(-8)). We further examined these loci with in silico replication in individuals of European ancestry from the KidneyGen, CKDGen and GUGC consortia, including a combined total of ∼110,347 individuals. We identify pleiotropic associations among these loci with kidney function-related traits and risk of CKD. These findings provide new insights into the genetics of kidney function.

Alternate JournalNat. Genet.
PubMed ID22797727