Our Research

The MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health exists to undertake the highest quality research in the fields of environment and health, in order to inform health policy and the understanding of key issues affecting society. The Centre has achieved this by bringing together the best researchers from all areas of public health, encouraging novel cross-disciplinary approaches, and providing the highest quality training to new and existing researchers in these fields. The Centre is based upon the principles of openness, transparency, and integrity in all of its work, with the primary goal of improving national and international public health.

The Centre's main research programmes are:

The work of the Centre is divided into three major research themes, reflecting our strengths and expertise. In addition, three core research themes cut across these programmes, ensuring an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to the Centre’s research. 

Our Centre's research programmes are underpinned by the cross cutting themes in:

​Importantly, through the Centre’s Risk  Assessment and Policy Evaluation research translation programme, the outputs of the research are fed into national and international environmental health policy.