Other Public Engagement Activities

Centre members take part in a wide range of public engagement activities to promote their research.


Recent activities include:

  • In July 2018, research assistant Annalisa Sheehan took part in the Science in the Supermarket project, hosted in Yeovil, Somerset.  The aim of the project was to promote and encourage the study of STEM subjects by engaging the families of young children in the Somerset area. Along with other Imperial researchers from the West Country, Annie spent the weekend in Yeovil talking about air pollution and epidemiology.

  • In December 2017, Imperial Fringe hosted the latest edition in which members of the public were invited to engage in a live discussion on ways in which to reduce air pollution, whilst learning about the invisible gasses which are encountered in every day life . Select below to listen to the podcast. 

  • Dr Susan Hodgson, Lecturer in Environmental Epidemiology & Exposure Assessment at Imperial College, was involved in a 12 month project showcasing the combination of the beauty of art and scientific projection of a future planet in which a contaminated landscape is inescapable. This exhibit was designed by artisits Michael Burton and Michikko NItta, and supported by the Welcome Trust and showcased in the Old Truman Brewery and Westminster library in September 2017. ​

  • Dr Stephanie Wright from King’s College Environmental Research Group was Speaker at a Welcome Collection ‘Packed Lunch’ event on the 12th October 2016, featuring a fascinating talk on ‘Microplastics’ and their impact upon human health. Please click play below to listen to the podcast.