Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the senior management and decision-making forum of the Centre. It was established prior to the formal launch of the Centre, and has met monthly since Oct 2008. The Committee membership has been expanded to encompass the new research themes, platforms and translational programme, and includes a representative of the Investigators, researchers (including PhD students) and the training programme. Membership currently comprises the following people:

  • Prof. Paul Elliott - Centre Director, Theme Lead: Small Area Studies of Environment and Health
  • Prof. Frank Kelly - Deputy Director, Theme Lead: Air Pollution, Noise and Health,
  • Dr. Fred Piel - Training Programme Lead
  • Prof. Debbie Jarvis - Theme Lead: Cohort studies
  • Prof. Majid Ezzati - Theme Lead: Risk Assessment and Policy Evaluation
  • Prof. Elaine Holmes - Theme Lead: Systems Toxicology
  • Prof. Paolo Vineis- Theme Lead: Exposomics and Health
  • Dr. Marta Blangiardo - Theme Lead: Biostatistics
  • Dr. Pippa Douglas and Ms Nuria Camiña - Researchers’ Society Co-chairs
  • Dr. Elizabeth Hayes - Centre Scientific Manager
  • Ms. Jessica Law - Centre Scientific Coordinator