Training & Opportunities

The MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in research along with providing vibrant cross-disciplinary research training. Our strategic aim and mission is to be the leading UK Centre for training and career development of a new generation of research and policy leaders in environment and health


Courses and workshops:

Our training goals are:

  1. the scientific training and career development of a new generation of quantitative environmental scientists PhD and early postdoctoral stages;
  2. training across a range of disciplines, especially quantitative and computational discipline, for the next generation of laboratory scientists concerned with effects of environmental contaminants on health;
  3. training of epidemiologists, toxicologists and other quantitative scientists to understand and be able to use and analyse the outputs of modern omics analyses; and
  4. training of scientists, public health practitioners, and policy makers to be able to fully engage with and utilise the outputs of modern epidemiological analysis and modelling within an applied public health context.​ 


Centre Training Programme

A guide to the Centre Training Programme and training opportunities at King's and Imperial can be found here.

Our Centre’s multidisciplinary approach to research offers an excellent opportunity for our PhD students and early career researchers to foster their collaborative network across the Centre to develop their mentored and eventually independent research agendas

Our students and early career postdoctoral researchers are provided with a bespoke training programme alongside the highly regarded programmes already offered by Imperial and King’s College London, to ensure trainees are equipped with the appropriate skills and experience to become first class researchers and future leaders in their field. In this respect the highly interdisciplinary research environment of the Centre provides training opportunities that are rarely available elsewhere. 

In recognition of the importance of our training programme, the Centre Steering Committee has now taken on responsibility for the training programme (led by Dr Fred Piel) to support Centre students and monitor progress; facilitate a broad training experience; organise academic events (e.g. annual postgraduate science meeting to showcase student work); and bring the students’ perspective to the  Centre.


Researchers Society

The Researcher's Society was set up by early career researchers to promote the welfare and career development across the Centre as part of the training programme. The society is an useful forum for the professional development and scientific interchange among our students and junior researchers. We plan a wide range of workshops, seminars and social events where our early career researchers are encouraged to participate and attend with the goal of building a closer, more collaborative and engaged community across the Centre.


The MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health hosts a number of short courses and degrees which take place on an annual basis. The Centre provides bespoke training for postgraduate students and early career researchers through relevant short courses such as: Metabolic Profiling in Disease Diagnosis and Personalised Healthcare, Bayesian Analysis of Small Area Health Data using WinBUGS/GeoBUGS, and Modelling of Environmental Exposures using GIS. These courses advertised on the Centre's website are open to anyone within the research community.


MRC PhD Studentship Programme

 ​A key component of our Centre’s strategic aim and mission is to train and develop the next generation of research and policy leaders in the environment and health arena. Successful candidates will be supported by the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health’s training programme structure and will be provided with a programme of bespoke research training. 

Click here to find out more about our Centre's PhD studentships


MRc Centre Early Career Fellowship Programme

The Centre’s Early Career Fellowship Programme is a new initiative funded by MRC designed to attract the Centre exceptional candidates seeking to establish their own programme of research. The programme provides a unique opportunity for early-career scientists to develop the skills needed to meet future research challenges in the environment and health arena, thus seeding and strengthening the discipline both nationally and internationally.