Science inspired art – ‘the landscape within’


Dr Susan Hodgson’s year-long collaboration with artists Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta has come to a spectacular conclusion, with final shows at the Old Truman Brewery and Westminster library in September 2017.

The Wellcome Trust supported ‘Landscape Within’ project casts forwards to the late Anthropocene future where there is no escape from the contaminated landscape, and considers how we might face the challenge of adapting to the world of our making. The work at these final shows presents new body parts and machines that will help adapt us for life in a future landscape contaminated by heavy metals left behind by past industry and waste. More at:

“It has been so fascinating to work with Michiko and Michael. We met several times over the year to talk about the health impacts of environmental heavy metal exposure. Michiko and Michael they then used these discussions to inform and inspire some amazing exhibits, including an animatronic external digestive system to recover metals from dietary sources grown on contaminated land, and robots that retrieve specially bred super-earthworms which act as a biosensor of metal contamination. It’s been a really eye-opening experience, and a great opportunity to meet with people outside of my usual circles to talk about the important contamination and health issues that underlie the unique artwork on show.” 

Output from this collaboration was first presented as part of the London Digital Design Weekend at the V&A in September 2016, when an estimated 6000 people interacted with the BurtonNitta exhibit.

For more details on the artists, Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta, see: