Respiratory Health of the Nation Launch

The Respiratory Health of the Nation project was launched yesterday (14 July) at the Houses of Parliament, with 30 MPs in attendance. The project is funded by the British Lung Foundation, and involves Centre members from the Small Area Health Statistics Unit, Anna Hansell, Becky Ghosh and Ioannis Bakolis, along with colleagues from St George's University of London (including Centre affiliate member Professor David Strachan) and University of Nottingham.

The project website reports how many people in the UK are affected by each of the major lung diseases and how the figures vary by age, gender, region and standard of living. It also reveals the impact lung disease has on health services, such as hospital admissions and bed-days. The website shows the big picture of lung disease in the UK, or detailed statistics for each condition including asthma, COPD, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis and mesothelioma. 




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