Professor Majid Ezzati: an editorial in The Lancet - "do smoke-free stoves really save lives?"

A big clinical trial in Malawi run by Kevin Mortimer, a medical doctor & a respiratory health researcher at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine was expected to show children are less likely to die of pneumonia if they live in a home where food is cooked on a smoke-free stove rather than an open fire. Instead it suggests the stove makes no difference. 

Professor Majid Ezzati, a Centre member & Professor of Global Environmental Health, Imperial College London, has written an editorial in the Lancet to accompany the findings of Mortimer's team. He says it is now clear that stoves are not the answer & instead people need to tackle the bigger question of providing people with cleaner sources of energy.

"What we really want to be thinking about is domestic energy, instead of cheap, low-tech solutions that have been shown not to work" 

He argues that researchers need to find out what drives people to choose the fuel they cook with, whether for example it is cost or availability & to come up with policies that make clean fuels easily available and affordable.

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