Prof. Paolo Vineis, in The Lancet Countdown initiative launched 16th November 2016: Global Effort to Measure Climatic Changes Effect on Health

Paolo Vineis, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology, Imperial College London joins global effort to measure climate change's effect on health.

A new initiative has launched today to understand what it calls the 'catastrophic risk to human health' caused by climate change. Academics from 16 organisations including Imperial College London will establish a range of measures that allow them to track how climate change is affecting human health & how the responses can have mutual benefits for health & the climate. 

The initiative The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change proposes over 30 indicators, for example tracking the spread of infectious diseases, deaths or illness resulting from heatwaves or droughts & health problems caused by air pollution. The initiative will also identify policies that provide win-win solutions for health & climate.

Professor Vineis is working to determine the effect of policies that aim to cut emissions and improve health, such as promoting healthy, sustainable diets eg. reducing high meat consumption in the developed world.