Prof. Majid Ezzati, new study published in The Lancet 16th November 2016 shows high blood pressure affects 1.13 billion people

Majid Ezzati, Professor of Global Environmental Health, Imperial College London and MRC-PHE Centre member, in a new study published in The Lancet, 16th November 2016 shows that high blood pressure affects 1.13 billion people. This study covered blood pressure measurements from nearly 20 million people.

In the largest study of its kind analysing blood pressure in every nation between 1975 and 2015, the scientists say it has dropped sharply in wealthy countries – possibly due to healthier diets and lifestyles – but risen in poorer ones.

“High blood pressure is no longer related to affluence – as it was in 1975 – but is now a major health issue linked with poverty,” said Prof. Majid Ezzati. 

He said that while he could not be sure why the data showed high blood pressure as more of a problem in poorer countries, it may be partly due to overall better health and more consumption of fruit and vegetables in wealthy societies. He added that  in rich countries the condition was also caught more frequently and earlier, and managed more effectively with medicines.

The condition is caused by a number of factors including having a diet high in salt & low in fruit & vegetables & not taking enough exercise.

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