Prize awarded to SAHSU member: 3rd Early Career Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE Young) in Freising, Germany.

Photograph of Aina Roca Barcelo being presented with the prize for Best Poster

(Photo given for use by Aina Roca Barcelo)

Aina Roca-Barceló (pictured above), is an early researcher who works as a Research Assistant in Epidemiology for the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU), Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health at Imperial College. Aina was awarded the Best Poster prize at the ISEE conference in Germany. 


This was a wonderful opportunity for members of the Centre to present talks and posters showcasing their current work, and a lovely opportunity for one of the team to take home best Poster prize. The topics covered by those who participated form the department were as follows: 


Rachel B Smith

  • Oral presentation:  “Are mobile phones making us fat? Findings on mobile phone use, obesity, and gene-environment interactions from the UK COSMOS and UK Biobank cohort studies”
  • Oral presentation: Socio-demographic predictors of mobile phone ownership and use in the Study of Cognition, Adolescents and Mobile Phones. 


Samuel Cai

  • Chaired session on ‘air pollution and cardio-metabolic outcomes’. 
  • Poster presentation – ‘PEACE study: Personal Environment and Activity profiles to characterise Exacerbations in COPD patients from Beijing and Shenzhen, China’.


Charlie Roscoe

  • Oral presentation - "Greenspace and cardiovascular health: assessing the environmental pathway". 


Annalisa Sheehan

  • Oral presentation on ‘Childhood Type 1 Diabetes: and Environment Wide Association Study across England’. 


Aina Roca-Barceló

  • Poster presentation –Social inequities in the risk of death for women diagnosed with an invasive breast cancer in the Girona province, Spain *Awarded the Best Poster. 
  • Poster presentation – Emergency department attendances of patients eventually admitted to hospital with Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 
  • Morning session(together with Philippa Douglas)— Using small area data for environmental epidemiology studies: what, why and how?


Philippa Douglas

  • Poster presentation - Biological air pollution modelling and associations with lung disease (BIOMOLD) project: Estimating biological air pollution exposure from outdoor composting activities in England between 2005-14. 
  • Morning session (co-presented with Aina Roca Barcelo) - Using small area data for environmental epidemiology studies: what, why and how?


Faridah Naim

  • Oral presentation - Evaluation and prediction of indoor and outdoor noise differences in residential dwellings using statistical model.


The event was successful and well attended, and those who presented are looking forward to next year's chance to feature their work and any progress which may occur in the interim!

For further information regarding the ISEE conference, or to view the official program, please click here.