New HPRU-Impact of Environmental Hazards website launched

Led by the Centre's directors, Professor Frank Kelly at King's College London with Professor Paul Elliott at Imperial College London, a new website of the recently established Health Protection Research Unit - Impact of Environmental Hazards was launched today. The Unit is a result of a new initiative by National Institute for Health Research to bring Universities into partnership with Public Health England to carry out research across multidisciplinary health protection areas.


The Unit's strategy is to investigate the impact of exposure to exogenous environmental chemicals and other pollutants, to gain greater understanding of the mechanism of their interaction with human systems and hence generate new knowledge on health risks to the human population.

This new knowledge will be used in health impact assessment and targeted policy research to inform and improve public health and medical response.

The four themes are:

Theme 1 - Epidemiological assessment of low level environmental exposures
Theme 2 - Modes and mechanisms of toxicity
Theme 3 - Health impact of low dose non-ionising and ionising radiation
Theme 4 - Health effects of noise and air pollution including nanoparticles


More information can be found at

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