MRC-PHE Centre Deputy Director Prof Kelly and Senior Investigator Prof Holmes elected to join the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences!

(Photo granted permission of use from the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences).  


Two centre members, Prof Frank Kelly from King's College London and Prof Elaine Holmes from Imperial College London  have been elected to join the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences for 2018. 

Prof Kelly, who is the Deputy Director for the MRC-PHE Centre and Prof Holmes, a Senior Investigator, are two of only 48 leading researchers who have been 'elected for their outstanding contributions to biomedical and health science, leading research discoveries, and translating developments into benefits for patients and the wider society.' 

This award is reserved only for those perceived by the Academy to have advanced their unique fields, in a way that is has had a positive impact upon the community worldwide. 

Together, with existing Fellows, it is hoped that Prof Frank and Prof Holmes will contribute to the Academy's vision of being able to 'tackle major health and policy changes' as stated by Professor Sir Robert Lechler PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences

To read the full list of electives, please select the following link.