Micro Plastic Air Pollutants: A big worry, advises Prof Frank Kelly.

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Professor Frank Kelly, of King's College London who holds a chair in Environmental Health, gave an in-depth advisory review of the potential harm micro-plastics pose to human health within the global environment.


Professor Frank Kelly also went on to detail the potential carcinogenic link between inadvertent consumption of micro plastics and the chemical coatings which surround each tiny particle. 

For example, plastic treated with special chemicals to present a certain texture or durability may not be safe for human consumption, and yet people are exposed to such on a daily basis through the unwilling inhalation of the microplastics in the air. 

Also very interesting, was the reference to the fact that studies have shown how little the micro plastic particles bio-degrade once inside the lining of our lungs. For example, once ingested, they have an almost permanent presence within our bodies, which can lead to an unhealthy deposit that very little can reverse. 

Micro plastics were likened to asbestos in the article, in comparison to threat of potential danger to health and it is hoped at the very least that Prof Kelly's wise words of advice should prompt continuation of the reverse dependence on plastics for ourselves, if not the environment at large. 

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