Londoners' immune systems 'weakened by capital's toxic air', Dr. Ian Mudway Centre member at British Thoracic Society’s meeting

Dr Ian Mudway, King's College London, and Centre member, highlighted at a British Thoracic Society’s meeting in Westminster today that pollution in diesel emissions is also suspected to be gradually attacking some people’s immune system, meaning they will be more likely to suffer illnesses.

“In individuals with pre-existing lung disease the contaminants within the air we breathe can have immediate tangible effects, such as symptomatic ‘flare-ups’ during pollution episodes,” he said, but for most of us the effects are more insidious, with the impacts only manifesting slowly as we age.”

Dr Mudway told lung health experts that a review of new clinical evidence showed how diesel exhausts interact with immune cells in the lung in ways that may make the airways more susceptible to infections and allergic reactions.

The smoking gun points to diesel emissions and further strengthens the arguments to target emissions from these vehicles to improve the respiratory health of Londoners,” said Dr Mudway.

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