A London Based Consideration of the Cardiovascular Effects of Air Pollution

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The Journal featured a recent commentary article, highlighting the many interesting health associated risks for those living in London. It focused on specific age groups, and outlined the detrimental effects that air with a high particulate factor can incur. 


The cross-Centre Oxford Street study, originally published in The Lancet in December, this week features on the front cover of the journal, with an accompanying commentary online from George Thurston and Jonathan Newman from the New York University School of Medicine. The study followed participants who had walked down both Oxford Street and in Hyde Park in London, and found that the London air pollution cancels positive health effects of exercise in over 60’s.

The risks revolve around the documented correlation between breathing in particulate matter, and the impact this can have, on Cardiovascular Diseases.

These range from biological reactionary occurrences such as changes in arterial rigidity, and relation to increased blood pressure as a result of dense PM 2.5 presence in the air. 

For those of us living within the Capital, it does make you question the overall long-term health impacts that could occur from something as simple as shopping on ones local high street...