Living near busy roads ‘increases risk of lung cancer by 10 per cent'

 Living near busy roads ‘increases risk of lung cancer by 10 per cent

 A coalition of 15 health and environment organisations have recently released study results also showed that 'Living within 50 metres of a major road can increase the risk of lung cancer by up to 10 per cent', in addition proximity to busy highways can stunt children’s lung development by up to 14 per cent.

The study suggests that that air pollution contributes to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, heart failure and bronchitis. The coalition, which includes the British Lung Foundation and the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, said the findings should prompt all political parties to commit to meeting the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) air quality guidelines by 2030. In addition, the group is urging for the establishment of a national network of Clean Air Zones across the UK. The study, conducted across 13 different cities in the UK and Poland and written by King’s College London, analysed 13 different health conditions in people living in high pollution areas and compared them to the general population. It focused not only on hospital admissions and deaths but also symptoms such as chest infections.

The researchers concluded that if air pollution was cut by one fifth, there would be 3,865 fewer cases of children with bronchitic symptoms in London, 328 in Birmingham, 94 in Bristol, 85 in Liverpool, 85 in Manchester, 134 in Nottingham, 38 in Oxford and 69 in Southampton. Roadside air pollution stunted lung growth in children by approximately 14 per cent in Oxford, 13 per cent in London, 8 per cent in Birmingham, 5 per cent in Liverpool, 4 per cent in Southampton and 3 per cent in Nottingham.

This study has been widely reported in the UK and internationally through Daily Mail ,The Independent, The Guardian, BBC NewsThe Daily Telegraph, The Times including an editorial on Clean Air, The Sun, the Daily Mirror, The I. Internationally, the story was picked up in Iran Daily, Business Ghana and the Times of Israel amongst others