ISEE Young Researchers Conference in Environmental Epidemiology

The MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health will be strongly represented with senior Centre member Mireille Toledano (vice chair), lecturers (Sara De Matteis, Susan Hodgson)and many of our early career researchers (Andre Amaral and Rebecca Ghosh, ) will be sitting on the Scientific Committee and presenting at the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology's Young Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona on 20-21st October 2014. 

This conference aims to promote scientific communication in environmental epidemiology through our early career researchers in Europe at a time when research funds for public and envirnomental healh. 


Our centre will be presenting the following posters:

  • Training opportunities at MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health
  • Mortality risk of evacuations amongst nursing home residents after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan: a retrospective cohort survival study - Shuhei Nomura (phd student)
  • A new, efficient web-based tool to collect and code lifetime job-histories in large population-based studies: the UK Biobank COPD project - Sara De Matteis (lecturer)
  • Secondary school cohort study of mobile phone use and neurocognitive and behavioural outcomes – aims and study design - Charlotte Fleming (COSMOS Project Administrator)
  • Road traffic air pollution, noise and cardio-respiratory in European cohorts: a harmonised approach in the BioSHaRE project - Samuel Cai (phd student)
  • Is living near a composting facility associated with increased respiratory hospital admissions? A pilot study - Philippa Douglas (research associate)
  • Atmospheric exposure assessment around municipal solid waste incinerators - María Leal-Sánchez (research assistant)
  • Metabonomic profiling of inner-city children’s urine for biomarkers of traffic pollution exposure. - Liza Selley (phd student)
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