Imperial College: Key Research into Air Pollution

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Imperial College set out 5 fundamental ways in which ongoing research at the university is currently addressing the adverse effects associated with air pollution in London, and have embarked upon huge research initiatives into the field, headed by experts such as: Fan Chung, Professor Paul Cullinan, Jenni Quint and Paolo Veneis - leading academics within their respective fields, considering the impacts of high quantity of PM2.5 within London air, from unique perspectives. 

Prominent academic figures within the Imperial College Faculty  were called upon to provide insight into the main ways that their individual research is examining the casual associations of air pollution and the impact it has on the health of the general population within London. 

They detailed the many ongoing research projects, some of which focus on specific areas within the capital, for instance Oxford Street - a prominent tourist destination. Others current areas of Imperial College detailed in the article highlighted the larger questions of relevance for anyone living within polluted air environments, namely: 'What is a safe dose of pollution exposure?'   

 A link to the original article on the Imperial College website can be found here.