Frontiers in Air Quality Science - Thank you

Thank you to everyone who attended our landmark 21st anniversary conference last week. The two day event spanned the air quality monitoring, modelling, toxicology, epidemiology and policy landscape, offering delegates a unique perspective on current and emerging science and trends. A special thank you goes to our guest speakers who provided international context to the event, reminding us that the issue of modern-day urban air quality is a challenge faced around the world.

Summing up the conference Professor Frank Kelly said: "It was great pleasure to welcome colleagues from the air quality science community to the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment & Health at King's College London to celebrate 21 years of work by the Environmental Research Group (ERG). The quality of the work on show was outstanding, and is a clear reminder of the leading position ERG holds in this important area of public health research."

The presentations are available  now on the London Air website in the conferences section.

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did; the growing impact of urban air pollution on public health is becoming clearer and we look forward to meeting you all again next year to discuss the latest research.

More photos from the conference are available HERE


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