Dr. Gary Fuller, Senior Lecturer in Air Quality Measurement at Kings' College & his team measure Air Pollution levels on Oxford Street during Christmas light switch on

The closure to traffic to switch on the Christmas lights on Sunday 13th November in Oxford Street, London was a great chance to demonstrate the difference in air quality - and in particular levels of deadly nitrogen dioxide. Coming just days after Client Earth won a High Court ruling that the UK government is not doing enough to tackle air pollution, this was timely.

Scientists at King’s College had measured the air pollution levels every Sunday in September and October and taken an average. They then compared it with the NO2 levels when the road was closed to traffic for the switch on. And the results were undeniable.

Dr Gary Fuller from the King’s College team said “Clearly Sunday’s closure of Oxford Street led to a big improvement in air pollution for the shoppers,” but he added that the levels did not reach zero: “There was still traffic on the surrounding roads. This shows that solving London’s air pollution hotspots requires action over a wide area.”

Dr. Fuller was quoted in Huffington Post .