Dr. Andre Amaral, Profs. Jarvis, Burney & Strachan, online paper 11th January in AJRCCM: Female Smokers at Greater Risk than Male Smokers of Airflow Obstruction

Dr. Andre Amaral, Debbie Jarvis, Professor in Public Health, Peter Burney, Prof. Professor of Respiratory Epidemiology & Public Health, both in the National Heart & Lung Institute Institute, Imperial College London & David Strachan, Professor of Epidemiology, Head of the Population Health Research Centre, St George’s University of London are in a paper published online 11th January, in the American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM) entitled: "Female Smokers are at Greater Risk of Airflow Obstruction than Male Smokers: UK Biobank"

The prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is increasing faster among women than among men. The objectives were to examine sex differences in the risk of airflow obstruction (COPD hallmark) in relation to smoking history.149,075 women & 100,252 men taking part in the UK Biobank, who had provided spirometry measurements and information on smoking were analysed. The association of airflow obstruction with smoking characteristics was assessed, by sex, using regression analysis.

The conclusion was that, exposed to the same dose of smoking, women show higher risk of airflow obstruction than men.

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