Centre Investigator, Dr Ian Mudway, joins a pannel of experts for the Financial Times, to discuss Air Pollution.

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Dr Ian Mudway, who is an MRC-PHE Centre member and Senior Lecturer  in Respiratory Toxicology at King’s College London, was asked to join a panel of experts by the Financial times in order to comment on the damage Air Pollution can have on a given population's health.

In a podcast - available to listen to directly on the Financial Times website, Dr Mudway outlined the fact that air pollution is challenging in so much as it is invisible yet always present, especially within cities such as London that contain high Co2 emissions from vehicles.  

Dr Mudway further detailed that air pollution contributes to a build-up of low-level oxidation within one’s body, and cumulatively over time is something that will begin to manifest in disease.  In this way, it is the long-term impact which increases with exposure, which is most concerning. Dr Mudway drew attention to the fact that rather than just having respiratory effects on people’s health, air pollution is actually linked to a rise in cardiovascular related mortality incidents within London and the UK at large.

The correlation between an increase in cardiovascular related incidents within a population, as a result of exposure air pollution, may not be a commonly known association outside of medical fields but is a factor which could potentially help incentivise the general public in efforts to reduce heavy reliance on diesel producing vehicles, for example, and adopt a greener approach to city living.