BBC - Panorama "The VW Emissions Scandal" episode

Centre deputy director, Professor Frank Kelly and Centre member, Dr Benjamin Barratt were interviewed on national television for BBC's Panorama "The VW Emissions Scandal" on 23rd November 2015. Results from research conducted by Professor Frank Kelly's Environmental Research Group within the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health, King's College London were used as sources in the programme. 

despite tougher regulations, NO2 levels remains high. In the programme, Professor Frank Kelly explained that looking at the data from the London Air Quality Network, NO2 levels were not changing in London. Diesel vehicles were emitting more NO2  than they should be and that people in London have been breathing too much air pollution in the past 9 to 15 years. 

Dr Ben Barratt, a Centre member and a lecturer in air quality science at King's College London also demonstrated our Centre's Oxford Street experiment which was part of the EU FP7 Exposomics study involving Centre members from Imperial College and King's College with the BBC reporter. Oxford Street recorded some of the highest levels of NO2 in the world, Dr Ben Barratt highlighted the long term health implications associated with air pollution such as inflammation of the lungs in asthmatics, decreased lung capacity and the health benefits associated with walking was eliminated when health individuals were walking along Oxford street. 

In the latter part of the episode, Professor Frank Kelly highlighted the health implications of tiny ultrafine particles produced by vehicle is still not fully understood. Professor Frank Kelly is currently leading a NIHR funded Health Protection Research Unit in Health Impact of Environmental Hazards (a collaboration between King's College, Imperial College and Public Health England) which aims to understand the potential health effects of exposures to these nanoparticles. 

The full episode was first shown on 23rd November 2015 and can be watched on BBC



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