A BBC Expose Featuring Prof Frank Kelly

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Prof Frank Kelly from Kings College London was sourced as an authority for a recent BBC article on Wood and Coal fires, read the full article here. 


Frank Kelly gave advice on the current proposal to reduce particulate matter produced by wood and coal fires, within England. This is based on data he is currently engaged in analysing through a research effort at King's College London. 

The data explores the fact that 'all sources of pollution need to be tackled', within England, as opposed to only that omitted from vehicles. Such advice was given in hopes that further government action might lead to a reduction in air pollution resulting in alignment with the guidelines as determined by the World Health Organisation.  

A link to the original data published by Gary Fuller and co. at King's College London for Defra can be found here. This work details interesting statistically gathered information on London air pollution, such as the following: 'An estimated of 23-31% total contribution to air pollution is thought to come from wood/ coal burning... Pm2.5 (particulate output) ... could be reduced by simply switching to a dry wood source’.

This is fascinating, especially considering so large a focus on the causes of air pollution is usually vehicular in nature. It seems that public awareness could soon come to a greater understanding of ways in which to make the air that we breathe every day cleaner.