MRC Festival of Medical Research 2017

Our Air, Your Health - Monday 19 June, Deptford Lounge

The Centre again took part in the MRC Festival of Medical Research in 2017, organising an evening of fun interactive activities and talks designed to give residents of Lewisham a chance to learn more about how air quality can affect health. 

Scientists from the Centre were on hand to offer expert advice and answer questions on how people could be breathing cleaner air, and chat about how traffic noise and other pollutants might also be having an effect.There were also several presentations during the evening, including:

  • Air pollution in Deptford – 1661 – 2017: Ian Mudway
  • Air pollution in London: Gary Fuller
  • Air Pollution and Health: Frank Kelly

People from Deptford and surrounding areas attended, as well as the Mayor of Lewisham Steve Bullock (pictured bottom left).