NIHR-HPRU Annual Guest Lecture

Start date: 
23 Mar, 2017
Event Speaker: 
Roy Harrison
Imperial College London
Norfolk Place
W2 1PG
United Kingdom
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NIHR HPRU in Health Impact of Environmental Hazards

16:00 -17:00        NIHR HPRU Annual Guest Lecture 2017 by Professor Roy Harrison, OBE followed by drinks reception

Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre at Imperial College London, Faculty of Medicine Building, Level 2, St Mary’s campus   



Professor Roy M. Harrison, University Of Birmingham and National Centre for Atmospheric Science

The WHO estimates that more than 90% of the world’s population is exposed to air pollutant concentrations exceeding WHO guideline levels which therefore represent a significant risk to health.  Since air pollutants (other than ground-level ozone) are typically present in urban atmospheres at higher concentrations than rural, the implication is that probably 100% of urban populations are exposed to unacceptable air quality.  This talk will review some of the progress made in improving urban air quality in the UK but will highlight some of the continuing problems and discuss possible solutions.  The relevant work of government advisory committees (AQEG and COMEAP) will be described.  UK researchers are now heavily engaged in air quality research in China and such work will soon extend to India, and the nature of air pollution problems in those countries will be compared briefly with the situation in the UK