MRC Centre Training Programme Annual Meeting

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04 Dec, 2019
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The MRC Centre's Training Programme Annual Meeting took place on Wednesday 04 December at King's College London, Waterloo Campus.

During the meeting Centre PhD students and fellows presented their work in a series of oral presentations and posters showcasing the breadth and quality of the work carried out by the early career researchers at the Centre. The meeting also included presentations on careers paths of former junior members of the Centre, new PhD students and fellows, and planned training activities over the next quinquennium (by Fred Piel, MRC Centre Training Programme Coordinator), on the activities of the Researcher’s Society (by Annie Sheehan, RS co-chair) and on the MRC funding opportunities for early career researchers (by Dr Barbara Haenzi, Programme Manager Training and Careers, MRC).

The meeting concluded with the announcement by Professor Paul Elliott and Professor Frank Kelly of the awards for the best presentation (awarded to Ville Karhunen) and best poster (awarded jointly to Drew Glencross and Rachel Irlam). Professors Elliott and Kelly congratulated the participants on the quality of the work and presentations and thanked the organizers for putting together this training opportunity across the whole Centre.

The event was followed by the Christmas Gala organised by the Centre’s Researchers’ Society.

Thanks to all that participated in this Annual Training Day and helped make it a success, and a special thanks to the team at King’s College that helped to organise the event.

For any questions concerning the MRC Centre Training Programme, please contact Dr Fred Piel (, Eduardo Seleiro ( or Angela Lewis (