• ISAB Distinguished Guest Speaker event: 29th May, 2018. Dr Michele La Merrill
    Dr Michele La Merrill
    29 May, 2018
    Dr Michele La Merrill
    UC Davis
    St Mary's Campus, Imperial College London Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre 210, Level 2, Faculty of Medicine Building, St Mary's Campus. Imperial College London.
    United Kingdom
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    Dr Michele La Merrill will be the 2018 ISAB's Distinguished Guest Speaker, presenting on the below title.

    Title: “Impaired thermogenesis as a mechanism that leads to obesity”

    Abstract: The causes of obesity are often conceived as limited to an imbalance in energy consumption and expenditure related to food intake and physical activity. Evidence from a variety of obesity risk factors indicates that their common underlying mechanism is impaired thermogenesis which contributes to decreased energy expenditure. The human evidence supporting genetic, pharmacologic and environmental chemicals which increase risk of obesity will be introduced.

    The role of impaired thermogenesis in obesity risk caused by these representative obesity risk factors will be surveyed. It is evident that impaired thermogenesis underlies the consistent association between obesity and the FTO gene, atypical antipsychotics, and the pesticide DDT.

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