• Researchers Society Event - Welcome for new PhD students
    29 Oct, 2015
    Duke and Duchess Pub
    near St Paul's Cathedral
    EC4V 5BR
    United Kingdom
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    Welcome event for new PhD students across the Centre

  • Centre's Investigators Seminar - Cohort Studies
    Various hosted by Professor Debbie Jarvis
    13 Oct, 2015
    Roger Bannister Lecture Theatre (1st Floore)
    School of Public Health, St Mary's Campus
    Imperial College London
    Paddington, London
    W2 1PG
    United Kingdom
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    The next MRC-PHE Centre Investigator Seminar will be held on Tuesday 13 October 2015 in the Roger Bannister Lecture Theatre (note change of venue) at Imperial’s St Mary’s Campus. The seminar will showcase the Cohorts research theme, and is being organised by the Theme Lead, Professor Debbie Jarvis.


    Cohort Studies Investigator Seminar Agenda
    The aim of this afternoon is to provide an overview of the breadth and depth of cohort research on going within the MRC-PHE Centre – highlighting the strategic objectives, methodological challenges and new opportunities.
    14:00  DynaHealth – the challenges of lifecourse epidemiology – Marjo-Riita Jarvelin
    14:25  The CPRD cohort - results from the Traffic study – Richard Atkinson
    14:50  SCAMP: the challenges of setting up an adolescent cohort – Mireille Toledano
    15:10  Diet, flavonoids and lung health – Vanessa Garcia Larsen
    15:30  Tea / Coffee / Refreshment break
    15:45  New methods for cohort research using CPRD – Jennifer Quint
    16:15  Why and how should cohort researchers consider the microbiome? – Gianluca Campanella
    16:45  Cohorts and occupation – an overview of current work – Paul Cullinan
    17:10  Drinks Networking Reception