Community Advisory Board

In addition to undertaking cutting-edge science, our scientists aim to translate this work into relevant and useful advice for policymakers and industry.  To achieve this, we work closely with scientific peers, stakeholders in government and industry, and also with the public, and advocacy and patient groups to ensure that it is as transparent and responsive as possible. One mechanism by which we do this is the Environment and Health Community Advisory Board (CAB).

Group Members

  • Paul Braithwaite - Camden's Air Quality, Green Open Spaces & Trees group
  • Monica Robb - Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise 
  • Andrea Lee - ClientEarth
  • Libby Forest - Environmental Services Association
  • Abigail Jones - Sense about Science
  • Danny Ruta - Director of Public Health, NHS Lewisham
  • Harriet Edwards – British Lung Foundation
  • David McColgan – British Heart Foundation
  • Rachel Power - Patient's Association
  • Dr Ian Mudway - Centre PPE/PPI Coordinator & HPRU PPE/PPI Deputy Lead (Chair)
  • Dr Mireille Toledano – HPRU PPE/PPI Lead & Centre PPE/PPI Deputy Coordinator
  • Eduardo Seleiro - Centre Scientific Manager 

​Terms of Reference

The Environment and Health Community Advisory Board (CAB) encompasses both the MRC Centre for Environment and Health and the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Health Impacts of Environmental Hazards. The CAB seeks to bridge the gap between the Centre and HPRU and their stakeholder community, and provides a permanent consultation forum for the exchange of opinions and ideas. CAB members will meet 2-3 times per year, and provide comment and feedback on research strategy and programmes, input ideas, and provide opinion on ethical issues. 


  • Membership of the CAB includes representatives from various industries, the general public, local government, and patient groups. 
  • New members may be invited to the CAB, with the agreement of other existing members.
  • Members may nominate a deputy to attend CAB meetings on their behalf.
  • The group will be chaired by the Centre’s PPE/PPI Coordinator.
  • The CAB will be represented on the Centre Steering Committee by the Centre’s PPI/PPE Coordinator, who attends the Steering Committee twice a year and may seek comments from the CAB to feedback to the Steering Committee.
  • The CAB will be represented at the HPRU Theme Leads meetings by the HPRU PPE/PPI Lead, who may seek comments from the CAB to feedback to the management.