Cohort Studies


The Centre leads & collaborate with a number of large epidemiological studies: collecting information on a range of environmental exposures & both common & rarer health outcomes. This provides opportunities to conduct novel investigations of environment and health and develops research platforms of value for future investigations.


Theme Leader: Professor Debbie Jarvis (ICL)


Key Centre Projects:

  • COSMOS (COhort Study of MObile phone uSe and health): an international cohort study investigating possible health effects from long term use of mobile phones & other wireless technologies. Aim: carry out long-term health monitoring of a large group of people so that any possible health issues linked to using mobile phones and other wireless technologies over a long period of time can be identified.
  • Airwave study: investigating if there are any long term health impacts of Airwave use on police personnel. Over 3000 follow-up screens of participants so far.



Examples of some projects working with national and international cohorts:


 - Enhancements of Biobank data e.g. development of a novel web-based questionnaire to collect lifetime occupational histories, allowed Lifetime occupational histories to be collected for over 100,000 adults within UK Biobank. 

 - Analyses of Biobank data e.g.  examining association of lung function with occupational histories & likely occupational exposures, exploration of genetic susceptibility to health effects from air pollution.


  • Collaborations with 1946 cohort; British Regional Heart Study
  • ALSPAC; the Whitehall study
  • SABRE cohort
  • EPIC-Oxford and clinical databases (NHS Blood & Transplant Registry) continue health analyses examining effects of participants’ air pollution & noise exposures.
  • Partners in EU FP7 BioSHaRE consortium: investigating associations between road traffic noise or air pollution & cardiovascular & respiratory disease.




Established Cohort Studies:


(1) Airwave study(2) BOLD study(3) COSMOS mobile phone study(4) EPIC study(5) European Community Respiratory Health Survey III (ECRHS)(6) INTERMAP(7) LOLIPOP study(8) Northern Finland Birth Cohorts (NFBC) 1966 and 1985-86(9) Qatar Biobank(10) UK Biobank