Centre Studentships 2016

PhD studentship in Metabolomics and Molecular Epidemiology
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London

Project Title: Development and Application of Novel Analytical Methods for Metabolity Structure Elucidation

The closing date for application is 10th April 2016 (23:59 GMT). Interviews to be held 28th April 2016


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PhD studentship in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Imperial College London and Analytical and Environmental Sciences Division, King's College London.


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The list below includes examples of specific projects

  1.  Predicting exposure to environmental hazards at a small area level: a spatio-temporal approach.
  2.  Refining epidemiological methods for spatio-temporal time-series analyses of health data.
  3.  Profiles of health: Application of data science techniques to national morbidity and mortality data.
  4.  Natural environments (e.g. green spaces), and health and wellbeing in the UK.
  5.  Environmental exposure (e.g. air pollution, noise, electromagnetic fields) and health outcomes (e.g. cancers, cerebrovascular, neurodegenerative, reproductive, fertility) in the UK COSMOS and UK Biobank cohorts.
  6.  Environmental exposures, biomarkers, and neurocognitive and behavioural outcomes in the SCAMP children's cohort.
  7.  Human breast milk biomonitoring study: biomarkers of exposure in relation to lifestyle, diet, environmental sources of pollution and early life neurocognitive development.
  8.  Health risks associated with railways in England: diesel vs electric lines, noise and particulate matter (PM).
  9.  Gene-environment explorations of cystic fibrosis (e.g. liver disease, asthma): state of the nation.
  10.  Using statistical methods accounting for temporal trends and clusters of small areas to understand risk factors for childhood type 1 diabetes across England.
  11.  Long term mobile phone use and risk of cerebrovascular disease in the international COSMOS cohort - the world's largest prospective study of ‎adult mobile phone users.
  12.  Benzene exposure and risks of leukaemia around roads and airports.
  13.  The impact of floods on mortality and morbidity: a small area study across England.
  14.  Integrating metabolomics, genetics and environmental data to identify molecular mechanisms associated with chronic diseases.
  15.  Postnatal growth, urinary biomarkers and maternal metabolic profiles: large-scale environment-omics study of the INMA mother-child cohort.
  16.  Long-term health risks associated with the use of TETRA - the digital communication system used by the police forces and other emergency services in Great Britain since 2001 – radios.
  17.  Developing advanced 3D exposure models for public health research in China.
  18.  Very long-term and lifetime health effects of cumulative air pollution exposure on mortality and cancer risk in a large national cohort (the ONS Longitudinal Study) from 1971 to present
  19.  Developing methods for chronic disease surveillance at small area level
  20.  Short-term effects of aircraft noise on hospital admissions
  21.  Impact of measurement error from modeling approaches on the health effects estimates of long-term exposures to PM2.5, NO2 and ozone


The closing date for application is 10th April 2016 (23:59 GMT). Interviews to be held 28th April 2016