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Robinson O., Keski-Rahkonen P., Chatzi L., Kogevinas M., Nawrot T., Pizzi C., Plusquin M., Richiardi L., Robinot N., Sunyer J. et al..  2018.  Cord Blood Metabolic Signatures of Birth Weight: A Population-Based Study. J Proteome ResJournal of Proteome ResearchJournal of Proteome Research. 17:1235-1247.
Plusquin M., Chadeau-Hyam M., Ghantous A., Alfano R., Bustamante M., Chatzi L., Cuenin C., Gulliver J., Herceg Z., Kogevinas M. et al..  2018.  DNA Methylome Marks of Exposure to Particulate Matter at Three Time Points in Early Life. Environ Sci TechnolEnvironmental Science & TechnologyEnvironmental Science & Technology. 52:5427-5437.
Demetriou C.A, D. Esposti D, K. Fedinick P, Russo F., Robinson O., Vineis P..  2018.  Filling the gap between chemical carcinogenesis and the hallmarks of cancer: A temporal perspective. Eur J Clin InvestEuropean Journal of Clinical InvestigationEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation. :e12933.