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Zou X., Holmes E., Nicholson J.K, Loo R.L.  2016.  Automatic Spectroscopic Data Categorization by Clustering Analysis (ASCLAN): A Data-Driven Approach for Distinguishing Discriminatory Metabolites for Phenotypic Subclasses. Analytical ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry. 88:5670-5679.
Kyriakides M., Maitre L., Stamper B.D, Mohar I., Kavanagh T.J, Foster J., Wilson I.D, Holmes E., Nelson S.D, Coen M..  2016.  Comparative metabonomic analysis of hepatotoxicity induced by acetaminophen and its less toxic meta-isomer. Arch ToxicolArchives of Toxicology.
Lewis M.R, Pearce J.TM, Spagou K., Green M., Dona A.C, Yuen A.HY, David M., Berry D.J, Chappell K., V. van der Sluis H- et al..  2016.  Development and Application of Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography-TOF MS for Precision Large Scale Urinary Metabolic Phenotyping. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRYAnalytical Chemistry. 88:9004-9013.
Vorkas P.A, Shalhoub J., Lewis M.R, Spagou K., Want E.J, Nicholson J.K, Davies A.H, Holmes E..  2016.  Metabolic Phenotypes of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques Relate to Stroke Risk: An Exploratory Study. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF VASCULAR AND ENDOVASCULAR SURGERYEuropean Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. 52:5-10.
Baker L., Lanz B., Andreola F., Ampuero J., Wijeyesekera A., Holmes E., Deutz N..  2016.  New technologies - new insights into the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy. Metab Brain DisMetabolic Brain Disease.
Blaise B.J, Correia G., Tin A., Young J.H, Vergnaud A.C, Lewis M., Pearce J.TM, Elliott P., Nicholson J.K, Holmes E. et al..  2016.  Power Analysis and Sample Size Determination in Metabolic Phenotyping. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRYAnalytical Chemistry. 88:5179-5188.
Dumas M.E, Domange C., Calderari S., Martinez A.R, Ayala R., Wilder S.P, Suarez-Zamorano N., Collins S.C, Wallis R.H, Gu Q. et al..  2016.  Topological analysis of metabolic networks integrating co-segregating transcriptomes and metabolomes in type 2 diabetic rat congenic series. GENOME MEDICINEGenome Medicine. 8