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Jiménez B, Mirnezami R, Kinross J, Cloarec O, Keun HC, Holmes E, Goldin RD, Ziprin P, Darzi A, Nicholson JK.  2013.  1H HR-MAS NMR spectroscopy of tumor-induced local metabolic "field-effects" enables colorectal cancer staging and prognostication.. J Proteome Res. 12(2):959-68.
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Hebels DGAJ, Georgiadis P, Keun HC, Athersuch TJ, Vineis P, Vermeulen R, Portengen L, Bergdahl IA, Hallmans G, Palli D et al..  2013.  Performance in omics analyses of blood samples in long-term storage: opportunities for the exploitation of existing biobanks in environmental health research.. Environ Health Perspect. 121(4):480-7.
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Teichert F, Winkler S, Keun HC, Steward WP, Gescher AJ, Farmer PB, Singh R.  2011.  Evaluation of urinary ribonucleoside profiling for clinical biomarker discovery using constant neutral loss scanning liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 25(14):2071-82.
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Backshall A, Sharma R, Clarke SJ, Keun HC.  2011.  Pharmacometabonomic profiling as a predictor of toxicity in patients with inoperable colorectal cancer treated with capecitabine.. Clin Cancer Res. 17(9):3019-28.