Air Pollution, Noise & Health



The air pollution, noise & health theme brings together staff from the Environmental Research Group (KCL)Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (ICL), National Heart and Lung Institute (ICL)St George's Institute of Population Health. Research involves investigating air quality & noise associated health effects at local, national & international scales.

Theme Leader: Professor Frank Kelly (KCL)

Key Projects 

  • The Environmental Research Group (ERG), led by Professor Frank Kelly: tackles pollution science, toxicology and epidemiology to determine the impacts of air pollution on health and the causal factors eg. London Air Quality Network  
  • The TRAFFIC in London study in final stages: small increased risks of all-cause & cardiovascular mortality in association with road traffic noise in the 8.6m population of London.
  • The EU FP7 EXPOsOMICS study: aims to develop a new approach to assess environmental exposures, primarily focusing on air pollution (including land use regression models (LUR) and dispersion models) and water contaminants i.e. exposure to disinfection by-products (DBPs) eg. chloramines in swimming pools.
  • AIRLESS project: effects of air pollution on cardiopulmonary disease in urban & peri-urban residents in Beijing – study investigating the links between poor air quality & cardiopulmonary health outcomes in Beijing. NERC-MRC Newton project, in collaboration with Professor Tong Zhu, Peking University.
  • ESCAPE: investigated long-term effects on human health of exposure to air pollution in Europe. MRC-PHE Centre collaborative role in study with specific epidemiologic cohort studies eg. EPIC multinational led by Paolo Vineis
  • Health Impacts of Air Pollution in London: quantifying the health burden of PM2.5 and NO2 in London.
  • Air Quality & Climate Change: assessing the impact of different choices or scenarios for achieving the 2050 target of a reduction of 'carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents' of 80% compared with a 1990 base and their respective impacts on air quality & public health.